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Remember the goal is to behold the beautify of God as you read. When you open the text you do it in the presence of Jesus who loves you and longs for you to see him. The Holy Spirit is with you to help you learn.

Read The Text


Open your Bible to your reading for the day (go to for some great reading plans). Jesus invited his followers, “Come to me, learn from me, and you will find rest for your soul.” His amazing offer to come, learn, and find rest still stands today! As followers of Christ, one of the ways you enter into his rest is by renewing your mind through the truth of his word.

  • If you really can’t decide where to start, try the book of John. One of the reasons God sent his son Jesus was to reveal what he is like. The book of John does a really good job getting you aquatinted with Jesus.

Engage The Text


Think about the passage and ask questions. Look at the context. What about the passage stands out to you? What might the author be trying to communicate? Are there words that repeat, themes that are emphasized, or principles that are taught? What does this passage teach you about humanity? What does it teach you about the nature and character of God? How do you see Jesus in this passage?

  • After you have asked the questions, try to answer them using the context. If you can’t find answers surrounding sections, try looking up the cross references related to your passage. Most bibles have tiny numbers or letters above the words that correspond to a cross reference.
  • Here are a few more questions you could ask: Why is it worded that way?

Sit With Jesus


Spend time in prayer interacting with God and soaking in his presence. Listen; be attentive to the voice of God. Talk; express the longings of your soul to him. Ask Jesus what he wants you to hear and apply from his word. Sometimes it’s helpful to write your prayers down in a journal.

  • Remember, transformation happens when you see Jesus. This stage is something you are doing throughout each step as you interact with God who is a relational God.
  • This is a great connection between the “Engage” step and the “Trust and Obey” step. Ask God to help you understand things you couldn’t figure out as you read and engaged the text. You can also start to ask God what you should do with what you’ve read.

Trust and Obey


Trust is where your belief in Jesus meets daily life. Jesus invites you not only to believe in him, but to follow him and live like he did. As you put your faith into practice, you step into the abundant life Jesus promised his disciples. What is Jesus saying to you through this passage? What is Jesus asking you to do in response?

  • The commands of scripture are there for your good. “If Jesus knew a better way to live he would be the first to promote it (Dallas Willard).”
  • As we begin to follow the way of Jesus we begin to see that it is the best way to live. It is not always easy but it is the way we were designed to live.