Bible Study Tools


    • This is a great site primarily for its mobile apps. The mobile app can be found under the title “YouVersion.” This app has hundreds of translations in many languages (Try the ESV, HCSB). You may also want to try “the Message (MSG)” version, which is a good paraphrase version.
    • This app/site also has bible reading plans and various other tools.
    • This site is a very clean presentation of the “English Standard Version.” This version is most often the version we use at South Fellowship Church.
    • There are several upgrades you can pay for that turns this into a great study site. Try the ESV study bible upgrade first. This upgrade adds some really quality study notes to the experience.
  • BlueLetterBible
    • If you want to go even deeper this site can help you do that. This site has some of the best free bible dictionaries, encyclopedias, and commentaries. When you look up a text simply click on the “TOOLS” button and it will give you access to the free references.
    • Try using the “International Standard Bible Encyclopedia.” It is one of the most comprehensive tools for things in the bible.